Hi, we are Lauren and Mallorie! 

As cousins, we grew up together (and still live!) in the Pacific Northwest with a shared love of the outdoors, sarcasm and crafting. Like many (now) respectable women in our mid-thirties, we spent our formative college years dancing on bar tops singing Sweet Caroline at the top of our lungs (it’s us, we are your people). Along with a few gray hairs and crippling anxiety, our mid-thirties also brought a new found nose for candles. We could no longer handle harshly offensive scents and obnoxious colors slapping us across the face. Pass me an aspirin, please. #instantheadache

So, in December 2022 our candle idea baby was born - a tiny little thing, though still nameless.

Fast forward to today! After months of agonizing over every single detail (who knew how many things go into making candles? Who freaking knew!), Footnote Candles is launching our signature line of hand poured, coconut soy candles. Free from fillers and dyes, with just enough scent to fill your space with delightful fragrance without being overwhelming. After working almost every job imaginable (like, truly, all of the random jobs), we have finally landed on a business model that allows us to be creative, sarcastic, and our own boss.  

Welcome to Footnote Candles! We know you will love them.